Saturday, February 21, 2009

Coveting: Bike Hod

This was my breakfast last weekend: a bacon and egg sandwich, grapefruit juice, and Eclipse. Heaven. We don't usually have bacon at breakfast, but there was some left over from a Valentine's Edition of Leek and Potato Pie the night before.

We had a v. chill V. Day - I rang bells for two weddings (and earned £30), and then had dinner in. I came across the world's most unfortunate bridesmaid's dress at one of the weddings - it was a strapless number worn by a 4ft x 4ft bridesmaid and there was some overspill at the back. And not just a little. MY EYES! A perfect place to use the only Dutch phrase that our family retained from my Mom's "Learn Dutch On Tape" course in the '90s: "het is geen mooi zicht." (For the non-Dutch speakers in the room: "It is not a pretty sight.)

James and I went to see Bolt today - it was really cute and had some laugh-out-loud moments. Very Pixar, and very well put-together. We inadvertently went to the 3-D version, which was very clever and zoom-y (not a word, but you get the idea). However, both of us were ready for it NOT to be 3-D about 2/3 of the way through - the glasses were a little uncomfortable. Here they are in all their Disnificated glory.

We stopped at Waitrose to pick up some groceries on the way home. This bike was parked in the entrance. It turns out that they're launching a new scheme where you can sign up to borrow one of these to do your shopping. COOL. I'm not 100% clear on how long you can keep it (i.e. do you have to run your shopping home and then bring it right back or are you the temporary owner or what? The press release is here and doesn't really explain. A little googling has found the supplier company: they are called Bike-Hod. WANT. ONE. OF. THOSE. But £275 is steep!

I should start a BikeHod fund and put spare change in it. In the spring/summer/fall we like to do most of our shopping at the farm shop, about 4 miles away, and we've found that we usually have a bit more in the way of groceries than we can sensibly carry on the bikes. This would totally solve the problem.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to be lucky to persuade Bike-Hod to sell you a trailer. Even before the Waitrose hook-up, they didn't answer emails and rarely came to the phone. I've had one on order for six months and there is still no delivery date.



Anonymous said...

I bought one about a year ago. It's great. I use it mostly for transporting my classical guitar around town to lessons and gigs, but I've also used it to move house, and I can occasionally use it to do shopping.

The only problem I have is that when transporting the guitar it tends to bounce vigorously from wheel to wheel and then capsize if you hit a pot hole or bump at speed. It's not a big problem (it scrapes up the fenders and makes a terrifying concomitant noise, but the guitar is perfectly safe), and only happens with the guitar because the guitar makes the trailer a bit top-heavy. Keeping your speed moderate and a bit of caution on rough road surfaces is the solution.