Monday, February 2, 2009

OMG I'm a teenager again! LOL.

There's no hope for me now. I finally managed to get to the front of the library queue for Twilight and my copy came in last weekend. I was a little apprehensive - I'd heard some mixed reviews and I was definitely NOT into Buffy in high school.

I shouldn't have worried - within about 20 pages I was completely hooked. It was the most absorbing book I've read in quite some time - I found that vast chunks of time would just slide right by as I was reading. I think the "date in the forest" scene has become my favorite book-date scene - I can't think of any that I like better.

I (along with the rest of the female population of Earth) now have a book-crush on Edward. I think the last literary character that made me want to jump into the book was Lupin (Tonks has the right idea), and before that, Logan from the Babysitters Club. The whole thing made me feel 16 again. I was a huge dork in high school - I knew all the 'cool' kids but never really got to hang out with them. Maybe I should have moved to Forks.

To continue the madness, we saw the movie at the Stowmarket cinema on Saturday night. I don't remember Robert Pattinson being particularly compelling in the Harry Potter movies, but he was completely captivating (and indecently attractive) in Twilight. Granted, Cedric Diggory is one of J.K. Rowling's flatter characters, so he didn't have much to work with in HP. His American accent in Twilight was AWFUL, though - I'm not sure why they didn't just leave him with his normal Brit voice. There were very few replacements of scenes from the books with unrelated 'movie' scenes, which I appreciated. (Do you hear me, directors of His Dark Materials and Harry Potter?).

I also need everyone to acknowledge how hip (and ahead of their time) my parents were: my brother's name is Edward and my middle name is Isabel. After 25 (and 27) years, our names are now cool.

I've joined the seemingly interminable queue for New Moon at the library, although I may just cave and buy the whole series. I think I feel a re-read coming on.


Lauren said...

OMG, me too. I was given this by Peter's younger daughter for christmas after hearing "Twilight crap" non-stop for the past 3 months. I rolled my eyes, but she wouldn't let up until I READ it (in front of her, to be sure I was really doing it). I was completely obsessed until I finished it. We saw the movie together (her 5th time) last weekend. All copies of book 2 are sold out here in Australia. Maddening! I must know what happens, though I'm afraid I smell a "star crossed lovers" rat here, and that is just too sad!! Let's gush together after book 2, k?

kat @ Taylor Made designs said...

fun huh? We have decided to read Twilight for my bookclub. Should be a fun discussion come March. which will be at my house... I have to figure out some "theme" items to have. I might have to pick up the book again, and reread!

Anonymous said...

I've just lent it to my cousin as I couldn't get into it. I thought I liked it for the first 50 pages but then her writing style full of cliches put me off. Perhaps I should try it again as I love romance and vampire books (Dracula/Anne Rice). Talk more about it when we speak soon. M x