Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kate, 0; Downstairs Toilet, 1.

I'm having a supremely lazy Sunday morning. Murray/Federer at the Australian Open, the couch, my pjs, the laptop, and a cup of coffee. Tough life.

I seem to be at an impasse with out downstairs toilet - it's leaking. And it's quite clearly leaking through a plug that's in the bottom of the cistern. I've tried replacing the plug, but it still leaks. I don't think there's anything wrong with either the plug or the cistern, it's more the awkward corner that the toilet is in.

The plug is a plastic bolt with a washer on one side, and a nut to tighten the whole thing together on the other side. The problem is that the cistern is fairly neatly boxed into a corner, with just enough room to get your hand in feel that there's a problem. However, there's no way to see what's going on without a mirror, and there's no way to get a wrench or anything else in there to tighten the whole mess.

Maybe a trip to B & Q to see if they have the right tool...although I can't imagine what shape it would have to be to not only fit into the space but also be able to turn. And I REALLY don't want to have to take the whole toilet apart and take it off the wall just to tighten something.

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