Monday, January 4, 2010

Wait, didn't you get that from the library today?

After giving up on New York, I decided to treat myself to an Eva Ibbotson book that I noticed in the YA section of the library when James and I were looking for something for him to read last week. I read Journey To the River Sea after a recommendation from Mrs WJ a while ago, and really liked it. Spunky, adventurous heroines all 'round.

The book turned out to be The Dragonfly Pool, about a British girl during World War II who goes to boarding school. I, um, liked it so much I read it in one sitting. All 397 pages of it. James came downstairs after brushing his teeth, and said, "wait, isn't that the book that you picked up from the library this afternoon?"

Why, yes, it is. And I can take it back to the library in the morning!

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C said...

Oo, oo! Haven't read that one! I just reread The Morning Gift over my vacation. I do love Eva Ibbotson muchly (even if her books are strongly similar to one another).