Sunday, February 14, 2010


After more of my usual madness during the week, yesterday I had time to get caught up on week three of the quilt-along.

I watched two episodes of Glee and an episode of Hairy Bikers on Saturday morning, which resulted in this:

A little more sewing machine time this morning, and the top is finished. WOOT! Week four (quilt sandwich, according to the rumours on the interwebs) here we come!

John was clearing out some old files and came across a bunch of old pictures. Judging by the leaves on the trees, these were taken in Spring '05, right after we got engaged. Awww. We were both looking at this picture and decided that I look REALLY young.

I don't have any pictures of my own from about 2003-2006 - my old mac's hard drive gave up the ghost (and no, it wasn't backed up), so it was fun to find these. I love the one of Rrufus. Standard issue tennis ball, unphotographable black dog, standing in an odd place with a "play with me?!" expression.

Anyway, after the quilting (and finding the pictures), I went to Old Newton to ring a quarter peal. Lots of different methods, which caused the odd small panic (mostly me). We're getting there.

We then all came back to the house, where we had a veggie dinner (with no cheese for John and no mushrooms for Jo), followed by brownies, ice cream, and BOARD GAMES!

First, Carcassonne, which takes on a whole new dimension with 6 players. We didn't use any of the expansion packs, since John and I were the only ones who knew the game. More next time! Then we played Alison's 80's classic: Escape From Atlantis. It's on Board Game Geek, and it's old-school! Finally, we played about a million rounds of Harry Potter Uno, with Lesley's special house rules. They are a definite improvement, in my book.
1. If you play a 0, you can pick a person to switch cards with. Muahaha. 
2. If you have a card that's identical (number AND color) to the one that's just been played, you can ignore any other players and slam your identical card down. You then get a bonus turn and the people who were skipped just have to lump it. Again with the muahaha.
We all turned into pumpkins around midnight. Very entertaining and exceedingly geeky!

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