Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter, followed by Spring

I finished Her Fearful Symmetry on Tuesday night. I really loved it and am rather sad that it seems to take A.N. forever to write books - it's going to be years before the next one!

I also finished knitting my hat, while watching men's and women's Ski Cross on iPlayer. The commentary was somewhat inane - the same commentator kept repeating phrases in the same places on the course. I know they're paid to fill the air with patter, and that the skiers all race down the same course a zillion times, but change it up, dude. I eventually had to put it on mute - I'd heard one too many times that the skiers in the start gate had "adrenaline coursing through their veins."

Anyway, my hat didn't turn out exactly right - I had a lot of trouble keeping the tension in the carried-over yarn and it's scrunched a bit. It's also too big at the top. And looks a lot like I'm wearing a tea cosy on my head. HOT. Yesterday was not a good day for my knitted things - I went to the library to drop off some books and somehow dropped my mittens in the road. They were there when I walked back the other way, but were v. mucky. They've now been washed and are recovering on the radiator in the bathroom.

The in-laws came over yesterday and brought with them some SPRING (also known as daffodils)!! I should really put them outside so they last longer but I'm enjoying them too much in the kitchen. I'll plant them out once they're done. It's pouring again today - I think it might have to be another iPlayer day. Maybe even soup for lunch.

The bulbs in the garden (daffs, some tulips, and various hyacinths) are all starting to poke up from the ground. They won't be flowering for a while, though. These will just have to tide me over.

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