Saturday, February 6, 2010

I cut my squares and rectangles for the OTRTS quilt along today. Since I had one extra fabric, the lime green has been re-allocated to my stash. I think there could definitely be a v. cute baby quilt to be had from the various leftovers. One of my work/book group buddies is due in July - I should be able to sort something out by then!

Here's a picture of the cut rectangles, along with the instructions on ihavetosay and my super-shiny MacBook Pro of Awesomeness. And my cutting mat which I have temporarily reclaimed from the boys, who have been using it so they don't get paint on the kitchen table when they're building things. Ahem.

It mostly went quite smoothly, except for the "how to get a straight edge" part. According to the instructions:
Make a small cut on one of the cut edges (a 1/4 inch cut about 1/2 inch into your fabric). Then start tearing. This sounds a bit scary, but it won't hurt anything.
I did get a straight line, but it also seemed to leave a wavy edge and some vaguely wonky fabric. Operator failure? Quilters: comments welcome. Anyway, the rectangles seem sufficiently rectangular and the white squares are also ready to go. Monday's instructions will involve actual sewing. Swoon.

BTW, for those of you who've noticed, the new banner is a photo that James took last spring at Snape Maltings.

The book over there is my new ringing book, The Method Ringer's Companion. It's pretty funny - it's written in a conversational style and Steve Coleman has a predictably dry and British sense of humor. John, for some reason, doesn't find it funny and is mysteriously irritated when I read passages out to him while giggling. Harumph.

I was thinking about it when I rang my first QP of Plain Bob Triples (inside!) at Stowmarket last Sunday. ::happy dance:: It was one of the most enjoyable QPs so far - all of the usual suspects in what is technically my home tower. Home is where the blankie is!

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