Monday, April 18, 2011

Grey, green & orange.

My Kindle case arrived. Charcoal grey wool with a green ultra-suede tab. I felt a little guilty ordering it, since I probably could have made myself one, but Husband pointed out that I'm supporting an Etsy-er and probably wouldn't have gotten around to making it. It's not reinforced or anything, so I need to not sit on it, but I really wasn't interested in one of the enormo-Kindle-shells, since the whole mission was to make my reading material smaller.

Still going through Mom-withdrawal, I thought this picture was really funny. Pretty much what each of us saw all week! And yes, that's an ill-fated Flip. If you were thinking about it (or thinking about any video camera, really, or have kids, or a dog, or anyone you want to video, BUY ONE NOW). They're super-easy to use, take great videos, and are otherwise awesome. Cisco, please resuscitate the Flip, or at least release the patents onto the open market so someone else can make them.

And in a quick tribute to Jane Brocket, whose tulips are amazing. These were pretty rockin' though. (Spotted at Osterley Park on Saturday.)

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