Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Did A Delia

Well. My mom came for her annual Week In Suffolk. We had our usual fabulous time (of course)!

My mom's 'cousin' came up to visit from Bristol, and came to the Bach Choir's performance of Dream of Gerontius. It went exceptionally well (and has been stuck in my head ALL week). We had a picnic in the Abbey Gardens between the rehearsal and the concert, which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. I mean, c'mon, what's not to love!?

We spent Sunday at Ickworth House, since I have now recovered from my employee-induced snit with the National Trust and have (gasp) joined for a year. I think we made a good dent in the membership: two entrances to Ickworth, one to Anglesey Abbey (um, the guy was a SERIOUS magpie!), and two to Osterley Park (reason no.1 for visiting: 5 mins from Heathrow).

We also did our usual amount of gardening (welcome, new plants!), and general eating. But the highlight of the week was the cooking class that we went to in Norwich, at Delia's Canary Catering. We spent the morning watching Alex Mackay give a great cooking demo, had a very tasty lunch, and then WE MET DELIA!

(Americans, Delia Smith is the English Martha Stewart. Except just for cooking - not so much on the interior decorating front.)

My mom is now back on the other side of the Atlantic, which is rather sad. We did, however, have a super week, and we've left a trail of recipes / plants / books / pictures and Flip videos behind us!

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