Monday, April 25, 2011

Gabi's birthday bag

This is a birthday present, but the recipient doesn't read the blog (yet - she's only 2) so I think I'm safe. Her mom & grandma both read the blog (hi E. and A!), but I think they'll keep a secret until Sunday.

I used the tutorial for Molly's Little Purses from the Purl Bee, with some modifications at the end from the Twenty Minute Tote.

Basically, I didn't have the super-cool handles from the MLP, and my liner fabric is directional so I didn't want to have upside-down bits of it on the outside.

Both prints are from Ikea, and the handles are red binding material that I had from some unknown previous project. I sewed them into the linings - I pinned them upside-down in between the lining and outer fabrics before I sewed them together. LOVE the pocket.

I really love the whole project, actually - I kept running in to the other room to show John. "Have you seen THIS part? How CUTE?!!" Teehee. I'm hoping she uses it to carry her books to and from the library, or to carry around those IMPORTANT things that you need to keep with you when you're two. You know the stuff...random bits of string, assorted teddy bears, the odd pinecone or acorn...


E. said...

awwwwwwww LOVE it!!!! so excited!!

alimac1234 said...

I just saw it today. What a great bag!