Sunday, October 9, 2011

New York, vol. 4: Rhode Island!

As a small break from New York (and to go on lots of bike rides and swims and eat fried clams and lobster), we went up to Rhode Island. We saw this little guy, guarding a "stay hydrated" honesty box along the bike path. Cute!

Here's my dad at work, protecting the citizens of Barrington! This is the smaller of the two boats that the Harbor Patrol use, but it still has flashing lights and a siren, and is very snazzy.

I couldn't go to RI without stopping for some Del's. At least I got a "mini." It was pretty tiny but still had the requisite lemony goodness. We were trying to get as many Del's logos into this picture as possible. If we had zoomed out a little, there were two Del's trucks parked behind me on the right, but then we would have lost the tiny logo on the cup!

My mom is building a portfolio of watercolour pet portraits for her art business (website to go live as soon as I conquer Wordpress), and she had been trying to get a good shot of her friend's boxer, LuluBelle, for a while. I think this is it! She's such a sweet dog. She was a rescue so is a little bit skittish and was not sure how she felt about the shutter noise on the camera. This was taken after I had been taking pictures for about 20 minutes - she had relaxed quite considerably.

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