Saturday, February 4, 2012

Knitting red things

This baby hat pattern for a Little Fair Isle hat was featured on the Purl Bee a few weeks ago. I had some leftover yarn from the mucklemitts, as well as quite a bit of pink from Ellie's dress. We went to Cambridge last Saturday, for brisket udon and a general Day Out, and the thought of 2 hours in the car with nothing to knit was a bit worrying! So I quickly printed out the pattern and cast on.

Once I started on the chart, I was getting irritated with alternating the colours, so I watched a few "continental knitting" tutorials (keeping the yarn in your left hand instead of your right), had a good long think about it, and off I went. The tension was fine and I was EXTREMELY pleased with myself.

As you can see, Katie Bear loves her new hat. Ok, it's not hers, but she had the closest head-size.

It's now blocking on the upstairs windowsill in James' bathroom.

I also finished the other mucklemitt - LOVE these. I had two work buddies ask me to make them a pair. That means I'll have to go to the yarn store for more yarn. Poor me! I may even hold off until New York and go to Purl Soho - I could knit them in the car (3 hours each way) on the way to Grandma's memorial service.

We went to the inlaws' for a cuppa last Sunday afternoon, and had scones with homemade blackcurrant-orange jam. My jam skills are poor, and they're not going to improve while the MIL keeps making such amazing jam!

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