Thursday, February 2, 2012

Memories of my grandmother

My last remaining grandparent (my paternal grandmother) passed away after a very long illness last week. It was time - she was well into her nineties and had not been well for a long time.

Some miscellaneous memories:

-Open-faced grilled cheese with bacon and tomato at her country club (with fries and gallons of ketchup). My mom always had a salad, while Edward, Grandma and I went for the grilled cheese. Crispy bacon, cool tomatoes, and melted cheese on lightly toasted bread. And then the ketchup came in little metal pots. Oh YUM.

-Croquet in her back yard with my brother, being constantly reminded not to fall in the septic tank. I always thought it was a little odd that she kept reminding us about it. In hindsight, probably a good thing that your grandchildren avoided falling into the septic tank!

-She always had a wiffle-golf ball on the antenna of her car, to make it easy to spot in parking lots! (Years ahead of those upstarts with their mickey-mouse ears on the antennae.)

-The prism that always hung in her living room, casting a rainbow on the wall (it's now in our living room, doing the same thing).

-Going to the beach with her and "surfing" (standing on our boogie boards, mostly). And then rainbow sherbet from the snack bar.

-Our very reliable Staying At Grandma's House supper: ground beef, canned new potatoes (which I still love), and canned corn. Ok, so the cooking skipped a generation, but my brother and I thought it was excellent.

Here's an old picture my dad found, of me, Grandma, and Mom, on Sea Lark. 

And here's another one of her (same jacket, same boat, different year!) with my grandfather, who died when I was 9.

Be at peace, Grandma.

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janerowena said...

So sorry - although as you say, it was time.

As far as I am concerned, my grandmother is still very much alive - in my memory. She is pootling around her very 50s-style pale blue kitchen cooking lunch for all of my family. Then we, too, would all go on my grandparent's boat, on the Thames, and go to the fields at Windsor and back again for salad teas. The sun always shines.