Thursday, June 7, 2012


I've had two recent cowl commissions, both as a result of wearing mine. First was another of the Honey Cowl pattern, ravelled here. This is a BEAST to cast on - it's 220 stitches and because it's so long it's quite tricky to make sure it's not twisted. Also, I normally use the long-tail cast on method so it's not unusual to get to 200 stitches and realise there's not enough wool. Anyway, third time's a charm. And once it gets going, it's easy to knit and looks so pretty.

I was a little disappointed with the Sublime wool that I used - there were three knots across my two skeins, both in the middle of the balls. YUCK. It's soft, though.

This one's almost done - it's not a colour I'd ever have picked out but I think it will look really pretty. I may have to block it, since it's a slightly smaller yarn than the pattern calls for and is a little bit narrower than mine. I should have just cast on 10 extra stitches at the beginning but I didn't think of that until about half way through. Bah. I really like the way the pattern looks, though, and it falls really nicely on the neck. Good thing it's still super-cold (hello, tights and wool sweaters in June).

If you want to commission me, just email. It seems like an excellent way to feed my wool habit (and avoid a continuous pile-up of sweaters!

Next up, a seashell silk shawl with a KILOMETER of silk yarn that my mom bought for me at at the Fiber Fair. I'm having a bit of trouble winding the skein into a ball - it keeps tangling. We'll get there!

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Bob said...

Kate, I may have mentioned this before, but your great grandmother Hughes was a world class knitter. She spent countless hours making woolen hats, booties, sweaters, you name it. And she was especially pleased to have known you. I have a great photo of her sitting in the New Rochelle sunroom with a two year old Kate in her lap...

Knitting is in your DNA.