Monday, June 4, 2012

Recipe: Melissa Clark's Rhubarb Compote

A few weeks ago, the mother-in-law handed me some home-grown rhubarb from their garden. They'd tried to give us a rhubarb plant a few years ago, but it was added to the list of Plants That Do Not Like Kate's Garden. (Sorry, Mr. Azalea and Ms. Hellebore.)

Anyway, since I am apparently entirely unable to grow it myself, I was very grateful for the donation. I made a rhubarb crumble for the boys (which was eaten too quickly to be blogged), and then I remembered this video recipe for Rhubarb Compote from Melissa Clark (of best-ever Calzone fame).

I love how pretty and glossy it looks when it's coated in melted sugar and its own rhubarb-juices, right before it starts to break down. Doesn't it look like candy?

Here it is, over yogurt. I was being semi-healthy. My favorite combo? Over vanilla toffee crunch ice cream. YUM.

If you see rhubarb at the farm market and aren't sure what to do with it, now you know!

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