Thursday, July 5, 2012


Holy moly. According to Blogger, this is post number 700 on this little blog of mine (started mostly for the benefit of my parents). Um. Now I have to say something pithy (I love that word). Or maybe something profound.

I've been rereading A Discovery Of Witches in preparation for the release of the sequel, Shadow of Night, on Tuesday. And because I loved it SO much the first time. And because I wish I had reread Graceling and Fire before I read Bitterblue.

I have NO memory for fine plot points. None at all. It used to mean that I did poorly on English tests. Now it means that I can reread my favorite books and be surprised the second time around. I'll take it as a trade-off, I think. I DO retain the major plot points and characters, and my overall feeling about a book, usually. Minor characters don't stand a chance. And murder-mystery endings? Not in a million years. Who dunnit? Don't remember!

Hmm...not terribly profound for post number 700.

Can I show you a picture instead?

Oh, good. Here you go...slates at Houghton Hall

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