Monday, July 9, 2012

Why I love making baby quilts

Here are the recipients of the last two baby quilts I made, snoozing (and presumably drooling) on their quilts. So adorable! I can't wait to see them in October when we're in NY...they'll be looking quite grown-up by that point, I think! (And yes, their Dad gave the ok to put them on the internets). Apparently the quilts are perfectly sized to fit in their pack-and-play. Since, you know, I planned that. By accident. Ahem.

In case you were worried that I would be lacking newborns to snuggle with, fear not. The future recipient of this future-quilt (her mom's favorite colour is red) will be very small and sleepy when we're there. The last of my Tufted Tweets, some monaluna organic midcentury chairs (also with birds!), and some more red and white stripes and solids. It's less blinding in real life, especially as I have interspersed the RED with lots of grey and white. The vibrating red stripe will be used as the binding. I'm aiming for zingy and cheerful rather than spectacularly overpowering!

The quilt top is actually finished but not yet photographed - I may need to check with future-mom to see if she wants to see the quilt in person first rather than on the blog.

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