Sunday, July 8, 2012

What a weekend

The endlessly resistant Kanga is now one main sheet (to be procured this week) and two halyards (to be installed Thursday) short of Actually Sailing. Oh, and we need to attach the tiller to the rudder but that shouldn't take long.

The father-in-law and I spent Saturday morning attaching the final bits, including the v-jam for the kicker, the starboard jib sheet keeper, the backstay, and the main halyard blocks. Lucky shiny blocks and fittings all over the place! She's looking very smug and pleased with herself. I may need to get a second job if this keeps up...

Self portrait, hard at work:

I was out most of the day today, helping out at (and enjoying) a BBQ, despite the belting rain in the morning and a brief shower in the afternoon. The sun actually came out for a few hours in the early evening...we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves. Sitting on the patio drinking rum punch and eating strawberries and cream made us feel better, though.

And now, I shall disappear into 16th century England. With vampires and witches. I'll see you in 500 pages, or so. I'm rather glad I decided to re-read the first one...there's some refresher notes in the first few chapters of Shadow of Night, but I'm already well into the Deborah Harkness universe.

The witches' house in Discovery of Witches is definitely my favorite literary house, though. It's spectacularly haunted, and keeps and returns things (and adds rooms) as required. SO entertaining. Sometimes I think my house does the same, just in a slightly less noisy fashion.

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