Saturday, February 24, 2007

Herrmann Socks and Flapjacks

When they were little, my cousins Ben and Willie had...sock issues. For some reason, neither of them could keep socks ON their feet. They always had them sort of flapping off the end of their feet. And then yesterday morning, I saw this:

Yep...James has Herrmann Socks.

Then, last night, after being at rehearsal all day, I was feeling really domestic. So I made a batch of flapjacks. These were supposed to have nuts in them but I lost interest half way through, so they're just oats, dried berries, sugar, butter and honey. Oh yum.

Oh, and James loved John's dice bag SO much that he asked me to make one for him - I think it came out REALLY well. He picked out the pirate fabric, which I lined with the extra pillowcase that I used to make lampshades.

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