Thursday, February 8, 2007

Snow in England!

I caught up with my friend Sandy on Tuesday night - I hadn't seen her since she started her new job and she's loving it. It's the perfect thing for her - she's doing lots of event planning and conference management. Yay!

As I was leaving, her husband arrived home from a conference that he'd been at, where they were giving out squeezy animal stress-reliever things. you know, the little squishy things that you squeeze to make all your worries disappear. hah. So anyway, he gave me a purple rhino, who immediately made himself at home on my desk with the other guys (Sailor Elmo, Horn Smurf, and George the Fimo Dragon).

During my lunchbreak, I was tormenting my boss (who was sort of trying to work, but laughing anyway) and I threw Mr. Rhino to him. And what did he do? Pulled his head off.

I know!!! I was distraught!! Apparently he thought he was the stretchy kind of stress-relief toy thing, and was trying to stretch him out. After some emergency surgery (aka superglue) he's right as rain, with the exception of a fairly gnarly scar around his neck.

He even went out for a small adventure in the snow we had this morning. That's right, snow in England. We had about 3 inches and the whole country screeched to a halt. Everyone was freaking out and convinced that we were all going to die. Somehow, we made it through.

I had a funny New York moment last night - I was on the phone with my mom, who was on her way back from a Broadway show. She told me that her train was in about 15 minutes and then sighed, "I'm desperate for a cup of coffee." I asked her where she was and she replied that she was standing at the top of the escalators in Grand Central, about to go down to the main concourse. I informed her that there were 2 Starbucks nearby, then proceeded to direct her to the closest one. It's kind of tucked away in the side of the terminal, over by the Transit Museum Store, and she had no idea that it was over there. She got her coffee AND made her train! Ahh, the miracles of modern technology.

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Anonymous said...

what a great blog to read Kate. made me laugh the way u wrote 'and what did he do? pulled his head off?' glad poor mr rhino made a recovery and is right as 'rain' post st'rain'gulation (as opposed to strangulation which results in permanent damage).
glad you had a lovely time with sandy. M x