Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm Pasta Caring

Haha...that was punny.

Oh, and I have to post this joke...my Mom and I think it's hysterical. Fair warning: mom's come up with a theory that there's a gene on her side of the family that makes us more susceptible to puns than the average bear...this one will reliably keep us in stitches for a solid five minutes.

There was a king who lived on an island in the tropics. There were other kings on this island, and they were always feuding.

This king lived in a castle made of grass, made from the reeds and rushes found on the island.

In one of the battles with another king, this king stole one of his prize thrones and brought it home to his castle, where he put it up in the attic for safe keeping.

This throne happened to be made of stone, and was very large and heavy. That night, when the king was asleep, the throne fell through the roof of his bedroom, landed on him, killed him instantly, and destroyed the castle.

The moral of the story?

People who live in grass houses shouldn't stow thrones!

Oh, the mirth!

Update: Mom and Dad have posted some more puns in the comments - they're fantastic!

Ok, back to the pasta. I was off sick yesterday with a sore throat, and then went in to the office today. Whatever I had has gotten worse, and I was feeling pretty zonked by the end of the day. John was a model hubby and cooked some fantastic spaghetti sauce with zucchini and mushrooms. He sauteed the garlic in hot olive oil at the beginning, which gave it a really nice hint of smokiness.

I think I'll keep him. :)


Dad said...

You got the love of puns from your Mom's side, but you'll like this one. Guy goes to a dentist complaining of tooth problems. Dentist installs steel mouth plate to fix the problem. Two weeks later, guy returns and tells dentist plate is rusting. Dentist asks if man has changed eating habits recently; man says he has developed a craving for hollandaise sauce made by his wife, eats it every night. Dr. says he will have to change the repair plate from steel to chrome. Man asks why chrome? Dentist replies "Because there's no plate like chrome for the hollandaise!" Ha Ha Ha!!! LOL



Anonymous said...

Don't get me started..
A school group goes to the zoo and has a great time looking at all the animals. When feeding time came the children watched while the zoo keeper gave the seal lions their fish and the pandas their bamboo. They spotted another zoo keeper with a bucket of $1 bills, so they followed her. She went into the cage marked "Reuvel" and left the bucket there. As we all have found out "Money is the eat of all Reuvels". Ah yes.