Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Indigo Girls prep

I'm a big IG dork. They're playing in Cambridge tomorrow evening and John and I are going, come hell or high water. I couldn't believe it when I saw that they were playing so close to us (it's only about 40 mins from the office - about an hour from Stowmarket). I would have gone if they'd been playing in London, Manchester...pretty much anywhere in the UK. Cambridge is perfect - we don't even have to take any time off work!

I'm listening to my Indigo Madness iTunes playlist...after about 40 minutes of it, John asked me to put my headphones on. Poor chap. I think there's going to be some Mellencamp on the way to Cambridge tomorrow night to offset the estrogen of the evening. I love the crowds at IG concerts - it's usually about 90% female, with the occasional tortured husband/boyfriend/random gay support buddy brought along for moral support. I've been to see Amy and Emily with Colby peeps, my mom (twice!), Emily, and Meade, but never John. I guess it's a select group and he has to join it some time...

I think if they play Power Of Two or Free In You I'll cry. I should be fine with most of the other stuff, though. Review to follow.

Update on my new year's resolution to run the 5K Race For Life: I haven't signed up yet (sign up opened last week) at the request of my physical therapist. I've been having really bad back probs at work and the PT doesn't want me to do anything else that might tax my back until it's better. I SHOULD be fine to run, though, since the race isn't until June. I'll keep you posted (and then badger you for sponsorships).


Liz said...

Are you kidding? Indigo Girls?? Now, remember, I would have been on that select list (along with my mom!), had it not been for the major NY blackout of that summer (was it 2003?). Fun NY times :)

Enjoy the concert!!!

Jamie said...

Have fun. I can't wait for the review!