Monday, September 24, 2007

Nigella & James

Rachel Ray is kind of a polarizing figure in the world of American food TV. People either love her or hate her (I'm in the love camp). Having had our first taste of Nigella tonight, I can only assume that she's equally polarizing. She has the same bubbly Faux-talian as Rachel, with a lot of the same ideas about shortcuts. However, she is NOT Rachel. She's bloody annoying. At least in my opinion, anyway.

Good thing there's so much other good Brit food TV to watch.

Oh, and today the small boy whose title for me includes the word 'mother' turns 10. EEK. Happy birthday, kiddo.


kat said...

oh i am so happy to hear you like/love Rachael. I have been watching her for years and you know, I really do like her. I do. And her magazine is really great. (have you checked it out?)

AND i am so happy to hear you don't like Nigella, bc I just can't watch her at all. She is annoying :)

Liz said...

I love Rachael too. And it's Rachael with an "a". :)

Anonymous said...

You'll hear nothing but agreement from me about Nigella. She adds nothing new to cookery programmes and she's at least a hundred and eleventy twelve times more annoying than comparable TV chefs.