Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vacation Roundup: Back To (Escape From?!) New York

After the dentist debacle before I left, my dad made me an appointment with my childhood dentist. He cleaned my teeth (and pronounced them dirty but cavity-free), and sent me on my way. I zipped in to the city for lunch down by NYU with Liz and Kim, and visited them in their office. I hadn't been in the NYU neighborhood for a while - it was kind of a shock to see SO many college students everywhere.

Liz's mom is my favourite book-idea-giver - she reads constantly and has really great opinions. She's just started a book blog: La Bibliofille. I've added it to my RSS feed...and I just need a direct link between the website and my library account!

After puttering around the city and getting my hair cut at Astor Hair (my favourite), I went up to the garment district and got some fabric to make a belt. I also went to Purl Patchwork and got some adorable fabric that's linen-y with intermittent black sheep. SO cute - I'm going to make 6 placemats trimmed in orange with orange napkins. I love it.

Andrea and I crispy-shrimpied ourselves at Yama (mmm...spicy sauce) and then went to Forever 21 where Andrea got some really cute jeans and tops and I got a gorgeous brown sweater. I'm so used to English prices - everything was so cheap and looked so good!

I watched some of the US Open in Madison Sq Park after a cheap Chinese lunch near the office with my buddy Peter - the match was reviewed as 'amateur hour' by the New York Times - needless to say, I didn't stay long. I walked around the city for the rest of the afternoon (it was SO hot) and had Ethiopian food for dinner with Emily. I think I hit all of the major NY food groups - chinese, sushi, deli food and an uber-ethnic.

Speaking of all this food, I also weighed myself when I was home - I'm at an all-time high weight. I know it's the combo of eating too much and not getting enough exercise. So off I go - eating less and moving more. We'll see how it goes. It has to go, since none of my trousers fit.

We had a relaxing family party on Saturday, where my brother subjected his new girlfriend to some quality family time - he must really like her!

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Dad said...

Kate, loved your vacation story. Only comment I have, given that I'm cursed with finding any typo's in anything that I read, is you misspelled the word "favorite".

Other than that, A+ on the report. You are a very good, and clever, writer. I wonder where you got that from...