Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vacation Roundup: Rhode Island

My parents' house in RI is really funny - it has a checkered past. The original owner - long gone - was a felon, so there are some locks in bizarre places (the closet in the loft, for example). It's also a bit of an '80s time capsule - the wallpaper is unbelievable. It has good bones, though, and it's in a great area with a pool and easy access to a long and v. flat bike path. Sign me up.

After the carousel on Monday night, we rode our bikes back down the path to Del's, for their lemonadey-icey stuff. "A Rhode Island Institution," according to them, anyway. Beware - the site has lots of fun sounds... My dad filmed my mom and me eating the Del's - it's hysterical.

After we'd recovered from the lemonade, we went out for seafood. From what we can tell, Rhode Islanders LOVE to eat, and they especially love seafood. I had a big ol' lobster, the likes of which I hadn't seen since Colby. And yes, I will forever be spoiled for lobster having gone to college in Maine. With $9.99 lobster nights at the restaurant down the street...

Here I am...winning.

On Tuesday, my roomie C came to visit - it was GREAT to see her again after her visit to Stowmarket. She recaps the day pretty completely on her blog. I LOVED seeing her and being tourists for the day.

When we were walking through one of the little towns that we visited, we saw these carvings on the porch from across the street. They looked so pretty - but on closer inspection they appeared to ALL be Freemasons' symbols... Who knows.

On Wednesday (our last day in RI), we lounged around, went to the pool, and ate. Lots. Fabulous diner food for breakfast, a stuffie (some strange RI twist on the stuffed clam) for lunch, and the most incredible seafood jambalaya for dinner.

Wow - I really did photograph everything I ate over the vacation...

More tomorrow!

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kat said...

sounds + looks like you had a terrific vacation. My husband would be jealous if he saw you eating that lobster. We might take a road trip up to Maine for one last one :)