Monday, September 10, 2007

Vacation Roundup: Wedding, NYC

I'm back in the UK...I didn't intend to take such a long blogging break but it was tricky to find time and sort out pictures without my Mac.

Anywho, still on my camera from before the trip to NY, a picture of the stepson and my niece rowing a boat. They managed to coordinate enough so that we didn't go in circles, although we were definitely wobbling...

Then, Friday night, our 'drinking club with a reading problem' got together in Andrea's fab new apartment. We hadn't all gotten together in ages, and it was very entertaining. My mom has a tshirt: "What happens with the girlfriends, stays with the girlfriends." Haha.

Then on Sunday I went to the wedding - it was the first one I'd been to for 2 years that I wasn't in (including ours), and I have to say it was SO relaxing. The wedding was great, with lots of fun people and fabulous music and I didn't have to wear anything specific or talk to anyone or be in any pictures or ANYTHING. Not to say that I haven't loved being in weddings, but they're a lot of work! So here was the setting (gorgeous):

And the bride & groom (gorgeous, again!):

Then, on Labor Day, I zipped up to RI to my parents' house, where I had the most relaxing 3 days I can remember. We went to a carousel on the first afternoon, via the bike path behind my parents' house. It's one of the last in the country where you can try and catch the rings as you ride around and then throw them into a target - I had the best time! My dad made a video - I'm not sure if it'll make it on to youtube but if it does, I'll post it.

To be continued...


Jamie said...

hey! that's watch hill! my aunt has a house there. where's your parent's crib?

Kate's Dad said...

Hi Jamie, you know your Carousels, that's for sure. This one is in Crescent Park, Riverside, Rhode Island, about five miles south of downtown Providence on the east side of Narragansett Bay, It was built in 1885, one of dozens built by the Looft family throughout the country from New England to the West Coast and back. At the time, Crescent Park was a weekend destination for many people looking to escape the hot city summers with a day out by steamer to a "resort" like Crescent Park. (Check it out via Google.)

Once Kate tell's me how, I'll put my video of Kate trying to catch the rings on YouTube.

Bob (Kate's Dad...)