Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blickling and Blakeney

The Bury Bach Choir normally goes away for a weekend once every few years. About a year ago, we thought about a trip to somewhere in Europe for the weekend, which got downgraded to a trip to Durham/Newcastle for a weekend, which got downgraded to a day trip to Norfolk.

We hired a coach and 50 of us went to Blickling Hall, followed by a concert in Blakeney (on the Norfolk coast). Blickling was stunning - it's a Jacobean house with ornate, huge interiors and a formal garden, all surrounded by parkland. We toured the house and walked through the gardens and the park, and then had a picnic in the courtyard, before getting back on the bus to head to rehearsal. John got to tour Blakeney while we were all rehearsing, and then after our performance we stopped for dinner on the way back and got home around 1am. Man, were we tired.

It was a nice 'day out', and we definitely bonded with some choir peeps. The concert was not our best, but the audience seemed to enjoy it. The quote of the evening, however, goes to the vicar(ess?) of Blakeney Church, who said to the assembled at the end of the concert, "What a lovely concert. There were some pieces we knew well, along with some that we didn't know quite so well." Yeah, us too!

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