Monday, June 30, 2008

Chelsworth Open Gardens

Yesterday John and I took his mom to the Chelsworth Open Gardens day, as recommended by Country Living (and found in one of the back issues that I'd given my mom).  While lovely, the gardens were all much-of-a-muchness, and there are only so many hollyhocks and roses that one can admire.

They had fabulous luck with the weather, and we got some good ideas and good pictures!

Here's an artichoke plant.  I think they spread a little too much for our garden, but I'm not afraid to experiment.

All of the gardens had these little signs outside - it was very cute and English country garden-y without being tacky or twee.

This was by far the most impressive garden - the owners had built two brand-new walled gardens (for the microclimate properties) and this greenhouse had some escaping geraniums. This garden also had some, er, tasteful obelisks at one end, framing a landscape view. We were so startled by the obelisks that I forgot to take a picture.

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Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

oh I love love garden tours. I always get so inspired. I want to grow those artichokes! Imagine those in your garden. Just beautiful. (i'd cut them and use them in an arrangement!)