Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer, tentatively

We've been so busy - I was out Tuesday (ringing at Great Finborough - another tower!) and Wednesday (dinner with a friend), and then on Thursday John and I finally managed to get to Salentina, the new Italian restaurant in Stowmarket. They've been open for about a month, I think, and they seem to have a loyal following already.

I was a little worried when we got there, since it was 7pm on a gloriously sunny Thursday night and it was completely empty. By the time we'd ordered, though, 2 more groups had arrived, and when we left it was nearly full. John started off with the best calamari I've had in ages - it was really sweet and just crispy enough. My antipasto was tasty, if uninspired. We both had pizza (in their brick oven). Mine was a little dry, and the anchovies were SUPER salty, and John's calzone was not quite what he'd hoped it would be.

Looking around at the other tables, though, the pizzas were not the way to go. The smells of the pasta dishes appearing on the other tables were fantastic, and everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Overall, the food was good, although it was relatively expensive and there were definitely still some kinks (no credit card machine yet, general disorganization). However, it's SO nice to have somewhere to be able to walk to for dinner (other than our beloved Radhuni).

On our way back from dinner, we stopped at the video store to pick up a movie. However, they had Lost - Season 3. So we got it. And then realized that it's the complete season 3. The previous DVDs we'd rented were only half-seasons. We're now 8 episodes in (out of 24), after 3 nights. A little behind schedule. And we both have to be at work tomorrow and can NOT stay here all day and have a Lost marathon.

Glorious weather today - the boys and I played croquet in the back yard. My parents gave James the set for his birthday last September and it's been the first real nice day (!) where we've been able to set it up in the back yard.

I've never actually played croquet on a flat lawn, so our hilly yard was no problem. The grass is nice and long, so it stopped the balls from rolling down the hill too fast.


Paul said...

Thanks for the review... went to the Radhuni today, new to stowmarket, didn't know it was there. :)

StowmarKate said...

@Paul: glad to be of service - welcome to the area!