Sunday, September 30, 2012

Felt iPhone Cosy

The iPhone 5 is so new that there aren't many cases around for it yet. It lives in its own pocket in my bag, but I was a bit worried about it scratching. So, I made a thin felt sleeve for it, using Woolfilz felt (in light grey) from Purl Soho and some red pearl cotton. I measured the phone, added about 5mm all the way around, then sewed the two pieces together with a blanket stitch. Super easy and cute!

My plan for the afternoon was to quilt the rest of the baby quilt that's due next week (baby arrived on Tuesday and has a name, which is now on the quilt), but I ran out of thread five minutes after I started sewing. Oh, bother. I can run across the street to the department store tomorrow at lunchtime and get's just that the plan was to do the quilting today.

I think the selvedge on A Walk In The Woods (which is the backing for this quilt) is absolutely adorable - don't you?

Full pictures (hopefully, including Baby!) to follow in the next few weeks.

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