Monday, September 24, 2012

New iPhone day!

I got an iPhone 3 for my birthday in 2008 (and blogged about it, obviously). It has been exceedingly useful over the last 4 (!) years, but has gradually slowed down and become rather grumpy. Oh, no, you didn't really want to look something up on a map or listen to that podcast, silly! It's much better to just look out the window. Ahem.

So, with the release of the newest Jobsian Fondle Slab (mini), also known as the iPhone 5, I betook myself (and the Husband) to Norwich to wait in the Shortest. AppleStore. Line. Ever. Seriously, I was second in line. And the person ahead of me disappeared into the store after 25 seconds. I waited about 10 minutes, total. And, of course, was handed a bottle of water, lest I die of dehydration. Sometimes, it's good to live in the boonies.

Here's my reservation card, in front of the store:

The happy Apple employees got me all set up and running (surprisingly painless, thank you), and half an hour later, we were ready to go!

We tried to go to Frank's Bar for lunch, but they were running their v. limited Sunday brunch menu (and were quite crowded) so we decamped to Wagamama. Mmmm...Wagamama. I had a spicy coconut soup with noodles and chicken - it was really good. John had my usual: chili chicken udon, and it blew his socks off. Spicy!!

And then, to celebrate, I took a picture on Instagram of my train arriving out of the mist this morning at Stowmarket.

The iPhone 5 verdict so far, coming from a girl with a 4-year-old iPhone 3:

- OMG it's SO fast. Like, it has loaded whatever app before I've even realised I wanted it. Zoom! (This is WiFi we're talking about. Internet speeds in rural Suffolk are...erm...rural.)
- Thin! And light! And all squared off at the corners!
- The headphones are really good, and the integrated microphone works really well. I walked along talking to the Husband all the way to the station from work, and despite the road noise we could hear each other perfectly well.
- I'm not bothered about the new connector - I have no plug-in-dock thingies (except for the speaker for my extremely ancient iPod that lives at work), and the iPad and the Stepson's iPod both use the standard charger. No drama.

David Pogue says it best, really. If you have an iPhone 4, meh. If you're like me with a geriatric iPhone, you'll love it!

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