Monday, April 15, 2013

Mostly yellow (with some red)

We spent most of the weekend doing our RYA Powerboat (level 2) courses with EAST. The weather wasn't particularly warm, but at least it wasn't snowing, and we did have a few hours of sun. It was rather windy, so we did get quite wet, but it's not spring without wet foulies, so there you go.

We finished earlier than expected on Sunday, so we drove up to Woodbridge to take a walk in the sunshine.

This little chap was very proudly standing on a boat trailer.

And here were some dinghys. Things organised neatly? What does one do with a stack of dinghys, I wonder.

In other odd pictures, this garden nymph was obviously deemed to be a bit chilly in the recent snows and sub-zero temperatures. A nice frock to keep things warm, then.

And then, when the sun came out, we found this very well-loved yellow VW van. See the exhaust pipe?

Yep, it's heart-shaped. As you do.

And then, in the Quaker Burial Ground, one very upstanding daffodil.

Thank you, Spring. Please feel free to stick around for another month, until your good friend, Summer, arrives.

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