Monday, April 8, 2013


Spring made an appearance this weekend. It meant that I did lots of gardening (Mr. Honeysuckle, you may NOT go and visit the neighbour's garden. kthxbye), went for a few walks and ate my annual Creme Egg ( sweet!). 

I also pruned the forsythia and brought the pruned branches in to bloom in the kitchen (and festooned them with my Easter Critters).

And then, because I have the Best Husband Ever, we made an impromptu stop at Baylham Farm to see the lambs. Unlike this chap, we didn't get to ride on a sheep.

I did, however, get to hold a lamb. A warm, wooly, sleepy (but still nibbling on my sleeve), soft, elbow-filled lamb. Pardon my outfit - we had been scraping the boat so I was in epic grubbies. All the better for lamb snuggles.


If anyone needs a sheep farmer, please call.

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