Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dinners and Choirs

Had the Ickworth girls over for dinner on Monday night- I made my world-famous Good Housekeeping salmon with leeks and capers, which was a big hit. There were lots of leftovers so I brought them over to Lynn's for leftover surprise night on Tuesday...and got my black dog fix from her v. entertaining black lab. Tilly has fixations on both shoes and silverware. When anyone arrives at the house, she brings as many shoes as she can to the door. I think it's an extension of the slipper-fetching instinct...but she's taken it to the extreme and there's quite a pile of shoes in Lynn's front hall. The other pile in their house is of silverware underneath the dining room table...apparently Tilly steals it from the kitchen counters and dishwasher and brings it into the dining room. Lynn is always corralling forks and things back in to the kitchen (and trying to get the interesting grease marks out of the dining room carpet). Makes Rrufus' butter habit seem relatively minor in comparison.

I also made a summer fruit tart that Freda showed me the other day- I bought frozen summer fruits (raspberries, blueberries, and some currants) from Waitrose, put them in a pan with some sugar, then filled a pie shell with it and stuck it in the oven when I took the dinner out. It was a big hit- thanks, Freda!

Had my last Bury Bach Choir rehearsal before the wedding tonight- it's a great group and I'm going to miss them all summer. I think I'm going to stay in touch with a few buddies over the summer...I've got to do something on Wednesday nights besides play D&D (sorry, guys). :)

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