Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's summer in England (and there are no bugs)

The weather here has been glorious for the last few days- a bunch of us wen't over to Sandy's after work last night and sat in her back garden and drank wine for a few hours. It was fabulous.

Then today she and I were v. productive all morning and then zipped down to the pub for lunch, where we sat outside on the picnic benches and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

When we were here last time, my Mom asked around as to why none of the windows or doors had screens on them to keep the bugs out. The reply? "Bugs? What bugs? We don't have any bugs!"

My Mom thought differently, and so had screens installed on all our windows and doors. There are some very lucky and bug-free people living in Peterborough.

Since the weather's been so fab, I have had all the windows and patio doors open in the flat, and so far we've had 4 spiders (one so big that when I opened the laundry bin and found it, I shrieked and closed it again...John's going to deal with it when he gets home), 2 flies, and a wasp. And that's in the last 24 hours. I like the spiders, since they catch the other stuff, but not when they pop out at me from yesterdays t-shirts in the laundry bin.

No bugs. Hah.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite was the flying daddy long legs. Memorable in quantity on the windowsill in the morning.