Monday, May 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's my mom's birthday today- happy birthday, Mom!!

In honor of her birthday, I've included a mystery link. I'll cook dinner for the first person to correctly guess why this goes where it goes in the comments. Mom and Dad, you don't get to play.

It's also a year since John and I got engaged in Central Park- crazyness. We haven't killed each other yet, which is good.

We dropped James off in Ipswich this morning, then went to Freda & Travis' for lunch. We went for a walk in Christchurch park afterwards, which was really refreshing. Spring is most definitely here. Freda has given me more back-issues of Sainsbury's Magazine (yes, Sainsbury's the supermarket). It's got all kinds of great recipes and stuff...I'll be curled up with it for the next few days and my recipe folder will get much fatter.

My other addiction: Real Simple. If I could subscribe to it in the UK, I would. I love all their stupid tips on how to save $5 or 5 minutes cleaning the kitchen or vacuuming the car or organizing your clutter or whatever. I even use them, occasionally. I made their lemon rosemary chicken and it was fantastic. Who knew I could roast a chicken?


AT said...

I know, I know! Isn't that the town where your mom was born? (Happy Birthday!)

Dad said...

I knew you could roast a chicken, and do lots of other stuff really well, too. Sailing, swimming, French Horn, babysitting, etc. Edward comes home tomorrow, with lots of interesting stories, I'm sure! Love,