Monday, March 12, 2007

Dear Diary, I'm FAMOUS!!

About 6 weeks ago, I submitted a story to the New York Times Metropolitan diary. And then forgot about it. Check this out!!

Dear Diary:

My mom and I had a funny New York moment last month.

I lived in Tudor City for two years and was a daily train rider. I now live in the United Kingdom with my husband, and one night last month I was on the phone with my mom, who was on her way back home from a Broadway show.

She told me that her train would arrive in about 15 minutes and then sighed, “I’m desperate for a cup of coffee.” I asked her where she was and she replied that she was standing at the top of the escalators in Grand Central Terminal, about to go down to the main concourse.

I informed her that there were two Starbucks nearby, then proceeded to direct her to the closest one, over the phone and from 3,500 miles away. She got her coffee and made her train! Ahh, the miracles of modern technology!

Kate Hughes Herd


Liz said...

YOU ARE FAMOUS!! My dad was pulling up to a Starbucks this morning when I called him and he told me the good news--he and my mom had seen it this morning (and my mom recognized the story from your blog). Ahhh, technology and coffee.

Emily Hannah! said...

omgomgomgomgomg I just read the diary and saw this and came right here to say WOOHOOOO!!! I am so psyched for you!

Anonymous said...

How exciting Kate!! Lovely news! M x

kat said...

How fun is that?

Starbucks should profile you in their newsletter... or better yet, that could be some sort of fun marketing campaign for them.

Anyway, congrats.
I'm sure you were thrilled :)