Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Snow, again

It's our second snow of the season - eek!

I managed to snap these pictures from our living room this morning - it turned to rain a few minutes later and was a lot less pretty. Oh, and the orange blob isn't the sun - that's me forgetting to turn off the flash. It was at 6:30am so I think I'm allowed a little leeway. It looks really serene and wintry, though.

It's DARN cold in the flat - we saw the new central heating system in the house yesterday and it has radiators that can be set on timers. Decadent, really.

We haven't packed any more boxes - John was in London today for work and the trains were all messed up so I had to pick him up in Ipswich at 8:30 and we've just had dinner. Tomorrow.

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