Thursday, March 22, 2007

One Of Those Days

I've been feeling not far from the end of my tether lately - it's been the combination of the move, a whole bunch of stuff going on at work, and miscellaneous other stresses. I've been trying to move some cash from the US to our account here to help with the moving expenses and it's taken over 3 weeks. Both banks are blaming the other one and generally making a mess of things. It LOOKS like it's going to come through, finally. Fingers crossed.

I had my physio appointment tonight and we've come to the conclusion that I need to take a break for a few weeks and rejig my office workspace again, since all the good that's being done in my appointment every week is being undone again at work. Looks like a new chair is in order - my physio has recommended a place not far from the office where they'll let me sit in a chair for 45 minutes during my lunch break and test it out.

When she pointed out that the progress on my back had stagnated, I dropped my basket. I'd been on the edge of tears all day and I just lost it. She (and John) looked totally alarmed, and she immediately offered me a cup of tea, which made me laugh. John and I had fish & chips for dinner (which we haven't had in AGES) and then settled in to watch Rick Stein (a cross between Alton Brown and Mr. Rogers) and the Hairy Bikers (the unofficial successors to the Two Fat Ladies). Not sure if the Bikers are on BBC America, or if you can get DVDs, but they were really funny.

I also took my physio's advice and had a cup of tea. My mom sent me some special teas that she got in the Village a few months ago - my favorite is the Kemun Imperial blend - John made a cup for me and used the teapot and everything.

I feel revived, and tomorrow is looking much more promising.


Jamie said...

Aww :( Hang in there, Kate.

My Dad's going through some back issues at the moment and his chiro gave him some common sense tips for good back health...tense your abs when you walk/stand/sit because most of your back strength comes from your tummy muscles.

And of course, sit/stand up straight!

Like I said....common sense, but I've been having some back trouble myself and these have helped a load.

Feel better, and know that the move is only temporary! Soon you'll be in your gorgeous new home and it'll all be behind you.


StowmarKate said...

Thanks, Jamie...i'll definitely try those. And yes, the move is temporary!!