Sunday, March 25, 2007

Playground? Check!

We've spent the weekend 'trooping about the place,' as Freda says. We worked all day yesterday in the cold and the rain, and the boys have hung ALL the curtain rods. Travis has started in on plumbing in the water softener, we've gotten all kinds of things that we needed, and most importantly, we've found a playground. V. nearby. And it's a GOOD one! It's got a huge crow's nest/spider web thingy, a very inventive seesaw, a big jungle gym, and a bike track. It's a paved track with bumps and ramps and all kinds of cool stuff for kids to ride around on. James' bike is currently at Mummy's but we'll see if we can sort something out. And definitely a helmet.

Here he is, climbing.

It's about a 5 minute walk from the house, and there are benches for me to sit on when I'm tired of junglegyming. This is the view from the top of the crow's nest:

We've also found a shortcut to the house- it's a MUCH easier and quicker way in. WOOHOO!

We were dropping off some of the miscellaneous stuff that we got today (we have HOUSE NUMBERS! For the front of our house!), and we met our across-the-street neighbors. We met the garage-neighbors yesterday - everyone seems really nice and THRILLED to be there. It's great that we're all moving in around the same time - people seem pretty open.

Oh, and someone in the neighborhood has a tabby kitten who's exploring everything. He came over to see what we were doing and explored our garage. He would have explored the house except that we caught him looking at it and shut the door.

He went off to chase some butterflies and pounce on invisible things in the grass. Much better, really.

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