Saturday, March 17, 2007

A different kind of tape...

Well, it's official. We've started packing. We've done 4 boxes, with about 50 to go (judging by the number that the moving estimator gave us after looking round the flat). Oh joy. Part of the problem is that the flat's so small that we can't really cordon a room off for boxes - they kind of just have to sit where they're packed.

We went to the French market in town today - they travel over on the ferry about three times a year and there are all kinds of great cheeses and breads and other yummy stuff. John also got a pair of slippers...since we're having new (white!) carpets in the new house, there will be NO SHOES in the house for at least 5 years. Maybe 10. Possibly 15. The slippers are burgundy velour - I think they're hysterical and John loves them. He's going to need a smoking jacket v. soon to go with them.

We John watched Pan's Labyrinth last night. It's been compared to Narnia and lots of other fantasy films, which I thought was really misleading. It was SO violent and gory that I had to sit on the other couch, with my back to the TV, and then I ended up leaving the room. John thought it was a good movie on the whole, but he definitely didn't love it either. It's won all sorts of awards...who knows.

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kat said...

that's so funny about the slippers!
I'd say 12 years should be ok :)

good to hear about that Pan's Lab. I hate gore and violence so i don't think it's a movie for me.