Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well, we're pretty much moved in. There are still wardrobe boxes in our bedroom (we haven't bought wardrobes yet and there are no closets), but other than that, all the boxes are unpacked and stuff is put away.

Our bed (finally) arrived yesterday - it's really beautiful and looks great in the bedroom. We did an Ikea run today and got some storage for the bathrooms and a picture for the front hall. We almost bought another bookshelf for the study, but it didn't quite fit in the car. Since Ikea now deliver (!) to the work postcode, we'll just order it online and have it delivered to the office. Then we can borrow the big van and we'll be all set.

We also saw some couches that we liked a lot - they're definitely a 'someday' purchase, though.

Our car has been somewhat exciting lately - it's a Citroen and it has moments where it reminds us that it is French and we are not and it's going to make sure it knows who's in charge. There's a short in the drivers' side window control panel, which means that the right hand rear window will spontaneously roll down. It's always a surprise when it happens, especially if we're on the highway. It happened on Friday night on the way home from work, and the only way to roll it back up again is to reach in to the back seat and roll it up at the window. If you're reading this, C5, it's ok, you're in charge. We understand.

I've been kind of a blog slacker lately - work is really draining (but engaging), and my workspace at home in the study isn't quite set up yet, so I've been avoiding spending a lot of time with the mac.

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