Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Unpacking the NY trip

Lizzie and Greg's wedding was great - everyone looked fabulous, the weather was perfect, nothing was too stressful, and it was lots of fun. Somehow, I only took five pictures, and they were all from the day BEFORE the wedding. I'm a bad bridesmaid, I guess. :)

So here's Lizzie and Allie getting pedicures:

And here I am with JJ (Lizzie's new sister-in-law):

I had an uneventful flight back on Monday - after all the crazy stormy weather in New Rochelle, somehow my flight was on time. It was, however, filled with screaming children. Damn that day flight. I set a new world record for getting out of Heathrow airport: sitting on the plane to sitting in the car (having gone through immigration AND collected my baggage) in 18 minutes. I'm so cool.

I was upgraded (FREE) by Virgin to Premium Economy (you don't ask, you don't get!) on the way to NY, and so sitting in a middle seat in American Airlines' coach was a bit of a struggle. Virgin has such better entertainment (TV, movies, etc, all on your own schedule), and the food is better. I may have to start springing for them even when it's a few bucks more.

One small thing on the Virginia Tech shootings, as my heart goes out to all the families affected. I truly can't believe that the gun lobby is using this as a case for MORE guns, so people can defend themselves. It doesn't seem like a wise choice.

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