Thursday, April 12, 2007

New York, by the numbers

Cosi lunches with Andrea: 1
Bags of tea purchased (from Sympathy For The Kettle): 6

Pastrami Sandwiches (Katz's, natch) consumed with Emily: 1/2 (each)

Knishes consumed with Emily: 1/2 (each)

Pickles: 2 (each)
Whole foods grocery bags purchased: 1
Subway trips: 3
Metro North trips: 2
Sitting on the wrong Metro-North train-s (Stamford was NOT where I was headed): 1

Wedding programs folded: 190
Bows tied: 75

We're gearing up for Lizzie and Greg's wedding on Saturday - it's going to be SO beautiful. I'm picking up my dress tomorrow morning, then things are pretty much kicking in to high gear.

Oh, and I downloaded a new plug-in for my iTunes - it searches through all the artists in my playlist and compiles a calendar of who's going to be near us. I set it to a 200 mile radius around London. AND.....TORI is going to be in London on July 3 and 4. WOOHOO! The last time I saw her was in Portland, ME, with my college roomie, Liz. John is a closet Tori fan - we'll definitely go.


kat said...

sounds like a terrific trip!
Have a great time at the wedding.
I hope the weather is beautiful.

Emily Hannah! said...

You know, we ate that meal what? 36 hours ago? My freaking mouth just started watering when I saw that spread. It's 7:30 in the morning!

I love Katz's jaunts with you!