Saturday, April 21, 2007

Remember when I acquired a stepson?

James is cracking me up lately - we were out at dinner (curry, as usual) last night, and he had lamb tikka. Yum. The lamb was v. tender, and he announced that it was as good as the steak that he'd had when he was in New York. Apparently he's over his 'meat well done' phase, which is good.

John and I split a bottle of wine (we walked to the restaurant - it's a little further than walking from our old flat, but it's do-able), and I offered James a sip of wine. I warned him that it might taste funny, since it's alcohol.

He took a small sip, thought about it for a moment, then announced, "it tastes different to other red wine." Um, yeah...he's 9. John and I cracked up.

John and I had seen lots of kids playing in the neighborhood but James hadn't gotten plugged in with them yet- it's tricky when he's only here every other weekend. So tonight after I'd started dinner, he and I went out with the frisbee and threw it around on the main green for a few minutes. By the time I left him, 10 minutes later, he was playing frisbee and kicking a soccer ball with 15 other neighborhood kids who had appeared out of nowhere. He was out with them until I brought him in for dinner an hour (!) later. They now know where he lives and that he's here every other weekend...I think we've seen the last of him sitting on the couch whining that he's bored and has nobody to play with.

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