Friday, October 12, 2007

Cooking and booking

I made Carrot & Lentil soup for dinner last night - it's not for the faint-hearted. There was NO doubt that the soup consisted entirely of carrots, lentils, veggie stock and spices. It was good, although very orange (to be expected, really).

I haven't had a chance to go to the library in almost 2 weeks, which has led to me being 'between books'. I can't even think of the last time that I wasn't reading something, with something else sitting on my nightstand, pushing me forwards. I feel kind of lost, honestly. I have books that I've reserved at the library but they're not in yet. I've also got some book tokens (birthday present from Michelle!!), which I'm going to hang on to until I find something that I REALLY want. I have a bizarre relationship with books - I almost never buy them. I get nearly everything I read from the library. My theory is that if I buy it and like it (like the most recent McCall Smith), I feel compelled to share it with someone else, who then passes it on to someone else, and I never see it again. If I hate it and/or don't finish it, it sits on my shelf reminding me of my failure as a reader and the fact that I wasted how ever many pounds on it. Hmm...I have issues.

My mom sent me a package this week - my (long-lost) horn mouthpiece, the trousers that I bought for John that were the wrong size, and a really funny little book called "Sky My Husband!" It's a book of French idioms translated directly into English (with the real translation underneath) and it's very funny. She's not sure where she got it, but it kind of has 'Grandma' written all over it. My grandparents lived in France for several years around the time that my mom was born, and she kept up with the language for the rest of her life. It's definitely the kind of thing that she would have had. In the words of the book, "C'est vachement chouette." [It is cow-ly owl]. Translation: "It's very cool." Erm, yeah.

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Mom said...

Now I remember! Bought the book for my mother because it was so funny. I'd forgotten that it was that long ago and thought it was yours. One does not say "o la vache" in polite company. There's a great book of obscure Latin phrases when you're ready.