Saturday, October 20, 2007

Keep it together, man!

Phew, what a week. We had a crazy long day on Monday, and then I was out Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. John was a fab hubby last night and cooked paella for dinner, which hit the table about 3 minutes after I rolled in (at 8:30) with the 'Hi honey, I'm home!' It was delicious - the chorizo was spicy and the saffron was meaty and the mushrooms and seafood were really good.

This morning, I went to the optometrist. I've been having mondo headaches and eye strain, and was worried that it was something to do with my eyes. About a year ago, I got new glasses with 'prism' in them, which correct my optical equivalent of duck feet. The optician went through my (rather long) history of glasses/contacts/glasses again, and basically said that I have three options. My eyes, when at rest, point in different directions. Apparently everybody's do, but mine are worse than most. He thinks that I was over-corrected at some point (which has been verified by other eye docs), which exacerbated a previously existing condition. Oh, bother.

1. I can carry on getting glasses with progressively stronger prism, until my eyes are pointing in totally different directions.

2. I can have surgery to correct it.

3. I can do 'exercises' that involve shifting focus on a pen in front of my eyes. Basically I have to keep the pen from splitting into two pens (which happens if things get closer than about 10 inches).

We're going to go with option 3, for obvious reasons, but the exercises crack me up. All I can think of is the line in Monsters Inc., where one of the monsters says in a stoner voice to his partner, "Keep it together, man!" I'm working on it, at least.

The good news in all this is that I get to go back to my previous pair of glasses, which I love. They're the same strength as the ones I've been wearing, but without the prism. My eyes are tired today, though.

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Anonymous said...

good luck with the eye exercises, must be boring to do, but hopefully you will feel the benefits soon and you won't get those headaches anymore, take care M