Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slow news

It's been slow news in Stowmarket lately. We bought these (parchment, not brown) curtains for our kitchen door/window, since the nights are really starting to draw in and it's our last bare window in the house. I think the in-laws are going to come over with the big drill this weekend and help us install them. They look better in real life than they do in the picture, I promise.

I'm also running up Linux on my super-old (i.e. purchased for me by good ol' Mom & Dad in 1999 when I was a wide-eyed college freshman) computer. It's been through a lot, and Windows XP was NOT kind to it. The hope is to salvage it and then repurpose it as the small boy's computer. I think it's got some years in it yet. It's just trundling through the Linux install now...the closest thing I can use to describe it is a 747 taking off. At least it's enthusiastic, if nothing else.

Oh, and I'm still on my diet. I'm getting there, and I've made a deal with myself that as soon as I can fit into my all-time-favorite gray wool trousers, I'll buy a pair of pants from Boden. It's surprisingly motivating.


kat said...

I've been doing some decorating updates myself... But I made my drapes. (first time for everything) and they came out surprising nice :)
I'm kinda impressed with my bad ass sewing self :)

Good luck with the diet.
Since being on the medicine for 5 months, I've gained 8-10 pounds. My doctors assure me it will come off once I'm off the meds.

Regardless, I've been walking 3-5 miles in the morning with the dogs for the last 3 months and it's one of the best things I do for myself.

Anonymous said...

well done with the diet kate. keep up the motivation and good work!

my 'cutting down' plan is failing miserably. im heavier than ever but i keep trying. i'll click eventually, well hopefully. M x