Saturday, October 13, 2007

Famine -> Feast

Remember how I said yesterday that I had no books to read? Well, now I have a zillion.

On my list are...

From the library:
1. The Tenth Circle (Jodi Picoult)
2. Dream Angus (Alexander McCall Smith)
3. The Vegetarian Slow Cooker

From my M-i-L:
4 & 5. Two Maeve Binchy books
6 & 7. Two other books that are downstairs that I'm too lazy to go get.
8. A French cookbook from Shoppi

From the book store (with my book tokens - thanks, M!):
9. Seasonal Cooking
10. Suffolk Walks with Kids

Now my problem has become "What to read first?" I think it'll be the library ones, since they have an expiration date. John's going to watch 'The Mummy Returns" tonight - I'm going to dive in to the books!

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Anonymous said...

Seasonal cooking for me!