Sunday, October 7, 2007

Moose goes to London

Went to London for the weekend - I was v. productive. On Saturday morning, I went to Paxman Horns, in Southwark. They're one of the world's major french horn manufacturers - here's their showroom.

I loved it. Especially this room with all of their used horns. It felt like they were all sitting there in anticipation of being discovered by 'their' players. The guy in the store also had a great idea about what to do with my horn and the case that's eating the lacquer. We'll see if it works.

Then it was off to Borough Market for lunch with a friend - we wandered around and admired all the food (and ate greek pitta-lamb things for lunch), and then walked over to Tower Hill for the start of our London Walk. This little guy was SO funny - he was just standing there, squalking at us. He obviously had a lot to say.

While our walk was interesting, it wasn't as good as the other one I went on (the Little Venice walk). The subject was Anglo-Saxon and Medieval London, and it was a little scattered. Granted, it's a huge chunk of time to cover and there's not a whole lot left! These two were near the end of the walk - it's the square where the Mayor basically runs London, and it's been the seat of the city's government, with a virtually unchanged format, for centuries. I loved the juxtaposition of the old and new buildings.

Moose and Tiger made the trek with us (and hubby has decided that he's a Fen Tiger - get it, Dad?). Here they are with their snack on Saturday afternoon. They were feeling a little peckish.


Anonymous said...

had a fab time indeed with you - walking around borough market, soaking in the divine fresh food smells, bright sights and bustly sounds. my feta wrap sans lamb was so yum and the walk was pretty interesting and amusing (what with the creepy unwelcome tramp near end and the snow white untouchable eskimo 'goooood girl' doggie that wheezed along for the 2hr trek. gosh im writing lots...will mail you this week xx haha re choc moose ensemble photo

Anonymous said...

ps think my fave fact will remember forever from walk was that polar bears and tigers used to be kept at the tower of london, a formidable castle looming in the distance for anyone who visited london. the animals then went on, of course to regents park, what was later to be known as london zoo